Kerala - The best destination for Vegan and Vegetarian Foodies

Kerala’s ethnic cuisine has a variety of options that are vegan by default. This makes Kerala a must try for vegan and vegetarian foodies. Breakfasts  You get to try: o      Nadan Idlis served with Kerala style sambar and chammanthi (chutney) The sambhar and chutney are different from the regular options you get at Shanthi Sagars,  Udupi restaurants,   Arya bhavans, Sarvanna bhavans, and other similar hotels. The sambhar is dense with more vegetables and the chutney is made of coconut. o     Puttu  ,   Appam , and    Idiyappam:  You can mix and match these main dishes  with gravies such as veg stew , kadala (Black Chicpeas) curry, or cherupayar (Green gram) curry.   Puttu with Kadala curry Appam with Veg stew Idiyappam o    Puzhukku -   A mixture of c ooked tapioca, ground coconut, and spices. o    Kappa and Ulli Chammanthi - Cooked tapioca is served with a spicy chutney made of mashed onions, green chilies and tamarind o    Kozhakkatta -Sw

Idyllic Beach Holiday at Varkhala

A holiday in Varkhala came true after a long time. We drove to Varkhala and arrived there by late afternoon.   We checked in to a  Sunview Beach Resort , a picturesque stay along the cliff. Then, I quickly had lemon tea and then went off to explore the place. The sun started setting as I stood on the cliff. The beach, the sunset, and the cliff – the place is amazing. My husband joined me. Our initial plan was to spend a day here. After seeing the views here, we decided to spend 2 days here. The cliff is lined with shops, cafes, and stays. As we walked, I noticed  Vegan Buffet on a restaurant’s menu board. It was an eco-resort named PucciniLa La eco-resort ’s menu board. We inquired about the food and stay. They did not have a vegan buffet but they had mango flavored vegan cheesecake. The price of the room seemed unbelievable too. Independent rooms in a stay with an ‘eco-resort’ tag costing just...Guess! Guess! It costed just 900 and the price included free breakfast and free

Going Vegan meant Happier Monthly Periods

My first step towards being cruelty free was to turn vegetarian. After 6 months of turning vegrtarian, I noticed that I was more energetic during my periods and my cramps started reducing. Around the same time I took another step towards minimalism by trying cloth made reusable sanitary pads and biodegradable sanitary pads.  I also want to reduce is the use of regular sanitary napkins. Though the regular sanitary napkins are affordable they added up to a lot of hazardous waste. As usual I first looked up online for the various options. I found the least expensive cloth sanitary pads  on Aliexpress. So, I ordered one and it was comfortable. It did not give me any rashes. So, I ordered more and still use them. They have a shelf life of 3 years. Spending around 100 on a few of these pads equaled the amount I would anyways spend in 3 years. The only hassles were washing them immediately after use and washing twice after every use. Now these were good enough for my home and work rou

Cruelty free products are Affordable and Easily Available

I switched to cruelty free personal care products after I realized that there was cruelty involved in every product I used. This was the easiest step I took towards reducing my cruelty towards innocent animals. There are two different ways of cruelty involved in making almost every personal care product. ·          The first is the barbaric practice of testing products on animals. ·          The second is the usage of products derived using extremely cruel means such as: o    Milk and milk cream derived by raping cows and killing baby calves . o    Beeswax and Honey made by raping, mutilating, and killing bees The good news is that both these cruel practices are unnecessary. The bad news is that most people are unaware of this good news. When I wanted to switch over to cruelty free products, I googled for an easily available list. I found some articles with a list of exorbitantly priced products. So, was being cruelty free not for me and other frugal people? I de